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Career Options

ADAPTURE Connects You with the Nation’s Top Companies

Finding positions that suit your goals and expertise can be challenging. For an in-demand professional, there is no shortage of opportunities, but how can you be sure you select the right one for you?

Formerly known as The Centrics Group, the talent division of ADAPTURE connects top talent like you with local companies and hiring managers. Our expert talent team is proactive and fully invested in finding the right fit for your career, no matter where you want it to grow.

Join the ADAPTURE Talent Network to Find New Opportunities

At ADAPTURE, our success comes from building relationships. Whether it’s with our clients, our candidates, or our partners, we strive to understand your goals and help you meet them. Our talent team connects active and passive job seekers through in-person and social networking—and hard-earned industry expertise. We connect you with hiring managers and decision makers to give you the tools to reach your goals.

Whether you hope to move up the career ladder or want to add some flexibility to your work life, ADAPTURE is here to advise you along your path. Our talent team can help you update your resume, sharpen your interview skills and leverage social media and other marketing methods in your search.

With Our Proven Talent Consultants, You Can:

  • Search confidentially for areas in your area of expertise
  • Stay up to date on industry trends, upcoming opportunities, emerging technologies, and more
  • Find rewarding career opportunities
  • Connect with leading employers nationwide
  • Work collaboratively with connected industry experts
  • Enjoy your job search because you’re working with recruiting experts

What Are Your Career Options?

ADAPTURE specializes in placing candidates in information technology, human resources, and accounting/finance roles.

  • TECHNOLOGY – Expand your career in cloud, cybersecurity, infrastructure, or more.

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – Build a new customer experience at a company you’ll love.

  • HUMAN RESOURCES – Find the next step in your career in human resources.

  • FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING – Reduce risk and increase compliance in your new finance or accounting role.

Looking for a Technology Role?

ADAPTURE helps you find roles such as:

  • Developer

  • Systems Administrator

  • Business Analyst

  • Project Manager

  • Network Engineer

  • Solutions Architect

  • Systems Architect

  • Network Administrator

  • Network Architect

  • Quality Assurance

  • Security Engineer

  • Security Administrator

  • Security Architect

ADAPTURE also connects you to the management, director, and executive opportunities you’ve been waiting for.

Searching for Customer Experience Opportunities?

Whether you’re looking for a…

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Technical Support Representative

  • Client Representative

  • Client Success Manager

  • Customer Service Manager

  • Director of Client Success

  • Chief Customer Officer

… or another customer experience opportunity, the ADAPTURE team of Talent Manager can help you find the right company in the right location.

Ready to Take on a New Role in Human Resources?

ADAPTURE helps you find opportunities for:

  • Human Resources Coordinator

  • Human Resources Manager

  • Human Resources Administrator

  • Human Resources Generalist

  • Corporate Recruiter

  • Benefits Specialist

  • Director of Human Resources

Let ADAPTURE connect you with your next Human Resources opportunity.

Looking for a Finance or Accounting Opportunity?

ADAPTURE connects you with the hiring manager for roles such as:

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Controller

  • Financial Analyst

  • Accounting Clerk

  • Auditor

  • Chief Financial Officer

ADAPTURE helps you find the finance and accounting opportunities you’ve been searching for.

Placement Options

Companies can hire in a variety of ways. The primary options are filling permanent job openings and contract or temporary job openings. Contract job openings can be part-time or full-time and of any duration from a single day to months at time or longer depending on the contract.

ADAPTURE works to connect you to the employer and placement type that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Contract Talent Opportunities

Contract positions are optimal for job seekers who are looking for more work flexibility. Additionally, as a contractor, you get to decide what roles you take on, and for how long. Whether working at one company for an indeterminate amount of time isn’t your preference, or you just enjoy the freedom of experiencing new challenges with each new contract, ADAPTURE can help you connect with the employers you’ll love.

Contract Options

W-2 Contract—The agency deducts all related taxes from your paycheck.

W-2 Pros:

  • Simplest option for you
  • No bookkeeping other than submitting time sheets
  • Some limited benefits may be available

W-2 Cons:

  • Limited ability to defer income if a 401(k)-benefit plan is unavailable
  • Deductibility of unreimbursed business expenses and medical insurance premiums is very limited
  • Getting health insurance coverage can be a challenge if none is provided
  • Any benefits package is likely to be less generous than that of a permanent employee

Contract-to-Permanent Talent Opportunities

Contract-to-permanent positions are optimal for job seekers that enjoy flexibility but are open to a more permanent position at the right company. If you’re looking for the opportunity to stay, but the freedom to leave at a set deadline, then a contract-to-permanent role might be right for you. This enables you to experience the company culture and job duties before making the long-term commitment.  ADAPTURE connects you with the opportunities you’re looking for.

Permanent Talent Opportunities

Permanent roles are optimal for job seekers looking for stability and full benefits. If you’re looking for a great company in which to establish yourself as an expert, ADAPTURE can connect you with top employers across the nation looking to grow their teams.

Why ADAPTURE Talent Solutions

Relationship-Focused Recruiting

ADAPTURE focuses on building a relationship with each of our candidates. Our talent team puts you first. From working with you to identify your career goals, optimizing your resume, and connecting you with the hiring manager, ADAPTURE is with you from the application to your job onboarding. And we don’t stop there. We know the best way to meet more qualified candidates is through the qualified candidates we already know. That’s why we built our Candidate Referral Program.

Stay Ahead of Hiring Trends

ADAPTURE keeps up with the latest hiring trends to prepare all of our candidates before they meet with the hiring team. We make sure you are up to date on the latest cover letter, resume, and interview etiquette to ensure you stand out with the hiring manager.

Quality Over Quantity

Unlike other staffing agencies, ADAPTURE only connects you with the opportunities you’re looking for. With the ever-increasing amount of technology available, many recruiting agencies have forgotten the value of personal relationships. Many of them will send over job postings without having fully vetted them and without taking the time to understand your career goals. The ADAPTURE Talent Specialists work with you to find the right opportunity for you at the right company.

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