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The Total Economic Impact™ Of Cylance
Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By CylancePROTECT® + ThreatZero™

A Whitepaper commissioned by Cylance, furnished by ADAPTURE (a Cylance Partner)

Using Cylance’s security solutions reduces the risk of security breaches and improves IT and security employees’ productivity, according to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

Advanced threat protection provider Cylance commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact study and examine the potential return on investment enterprises could realize by using the company’s advanced threat protection solution, CylancePROTECT, and its deployment and configuration services, ThreatZero.

Read the findings in this whitepaper from Forrester Research.

Network Security Trends
Understanding the State of Network Security Today

A Whitepaper commissioned by Gigamon, furnished by ADAPTURE (a Gigamon Professional Services Partner)

Is log data insufficient for security? Worried about multiple agents impacting your application performance?

Not long ago the visibility, performance management and security of cloud data were largely up in the air. Not any more.

Read this ESG whitepaper to learn the cost savings, business advantages and profitability possible through heightened network security.

Software-Defined Hardware: Enabling Performance and Agility with the BIG-IP iSeries Architecture
A Whitepaper by F5 Networks, furnished by ADAPTURE (an F5 GUARDIAN Partner)

We have released this whitepaper with F5 that provides more details around F5 iSeries.

If you are interested in learning more and speaking with an expert, please schedule time with our F5 architects to begin building the roadmap for your upgrade.

Ransomware Explained: The Business Decisions Required to Prevent and Survive an Attack
Solutions Architect Whitepaper Series Authored by: Tim Cullen, CISSP, F5-CTS and Elliott Abraham, CSSA, CISSP

This whitepaper will explain what Ransomware is, how it operates, and what business challenges an organization could face in the wake of a Ransomware attack. There are many articles discussing the inner-workings of Ransomware, but this whitepaper is designed to take a Business Intelligence and Business Continuity approach.

SC Magazine EBook On Data Loss Prevention
An SC Magazine Publication featuring ADAPTURE

Featuring ADAPTURE Security Architect Cedric Caldwell – “The evidence is in and the old saw about building an impenetrable barrier around the corporate network has been debunked. If bad guys want to get in, they will. Today, the focus is making sure that they can’t get anything of value off the network.”

Mitigating OpenSSL Vulnerabilities Exposed by Heartbleed
Additional Remediation Information for F5 Networks Customers

Imagine walking up to an ATM machine, entering your PIN, checking your balance, and making a withdrawal. We do this often without even thinking about it. Now, imagine if someone were to walk up behind you, press random buttons on the ATM keypad, and—voila—suddenly have everything about your transaction appear on the screen, to include your PIN and all of your private account information. To say this scenario would cause sheer panic would be an understatement. The sense of urgency to correct such a critical issue would be immeasurable.

Much has already been written about the Heartbleed Bug, but what does it all mean to you in practical terms?

Windows XP EOS
Benefits, Obstacles and Solutions for a Windows XP Migration

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014, raising lots of questions and concerns. Although Windows XP is over thirteen years old, it still commands approximately 25% of the operating system market share.

The IT world has evolved a great deal in the last thirteen years, and Windows XP simply cannot address the relevant concerns and needs of today’s IT departments. The monetary and time costs to create and maintain customized fixes to keep Windows XP running typically outweigh the benefits. This white paper will help you get up-to-speed on the benefits, obstacles and solutions for a Windows XP Migration.