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Healthcare Services Provider Success Story

ADAPTURE Saves Healthcare Services Provider 80% in Shadow IT Costs.


The client knew there were a few inefficiencies in its AWS accounts, but identifying them was another story. When the ADAPTURE team approached this organization with a free value-add that would offer them maximum visibility into its cloud infrastructure and provide cloud cost optimization, the healthcare organization trusted the ADAPTURE team to deliver a solution with substantial value.


ADAPTURE cloud experts identified a value-add with CloudCheckr for our client. Since our team approached the organization with the solution, it was paramount for the implementation to be seamless and unobtrusive. Budget constraints weren’t a factor, as ADAPTURE was able to provide CloudCheckr at no additional cost to the client as an AWS Partner.

Download the full case study to learn how ADAPTURE helped the company identify unnecessary cloud resources and how their termination reduced the healthcare services provider next month’s bill by 80%. Above all, this solution came at no cost to the client.