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Global Media Conglomerate Case Study

A global media conglomerate sought expertise from the F5 consultants at ADAPTURE to manage their security profile.

Business Challenge

The global media conglomerate had a business need to replace a legacy technology which provided external access to the company internal portal and other resources via a network appliance. Their goal was to find a solution that would replace the current functionality and enable additional security.

Solution Requirements

The solution needed by the company was designed to solve three key issues:

  • Provide flexible access to the company’s internal portal regardless of the connection device (true BYOD)
  • Integrate with the legacy portal and authentication technologies
  • Provide additional layers of security for client side checks and portal access

The solution also enabled the company to grow and encompass the full corporate environment for all of their user divisions and partner companies.


The global company relied on ADAPTURE because of our expertise with F5 technology and our established F5 partnership. They enabled F5 to integrate with Oracle Access Manager by placing a proxy layer externally on the F5 appliance. This became a standard design pattern, reducing the number of firewall rules and virtual servers needed, along with the deployment time by layers. This was widely accepted in the organization as an innovative approach and became a standard for externalizing applications. ADAPTURE helped with all aspects from design to implementation which brought the company to a very successful and sustainable solution.


The proposed solution gave the company a stronger security profile with the ability to scan and interrogate inbound connection requests. Security policies became applicable per access method, while also integrating their strong internal authentication systems. This simplified the external access point, which allowed for a single point of inspection on all access requests. It also helped create a stronger protection profile for the corporation as a whole. The firewall rule reductions helped simplify the management and maintenance of the overall solution, translating to a better support model for the organization.


The total solution helped streamline a complex design which allowed for ease of manageability, better performance, ability to scale easily and a stronger security protection profile. These enhancements helped reduce the cost of maintenance and provided a more flexible and scalable solution for the growing needs of the company.

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