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Moving from Physical Infrastructure to Cloud? Here are Three Steps for an Easier Transition


Moving from Physical Infrastructure to Cloud? Here are Three Steps for an Easier Transition

It’s easy to get stuck in the weeds with a giant migration initiative, but distilling the cloud prep and migration process into manageable phases for the move from a physical infrastructure to cloud presents an overview that fosters a more holistic and accurate approach. Here are three phases to a smoother cloud transition: PHASE 1 [...]

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Gartner’s Market Guide for Network Access Control: Cisco ISE Remains a Leader

Gartner's Market Guide for Network Access Control helps security and IT leaders better understand the top NAC solutions available to them. To further inform your own NAC initiatives, the security experts at ADAPTURE review Gartner’s industry findings and discuss the reasons behind the continued success of one of the NAC Magic Quadrant “Leaders”—Cisco Identity Services [...]

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ADAPTURE Sponsors Red River Charitable Foundation 12th Annual Charity Golf Classic

ATLANTA, August 3, 2018 – ADAPTURE sponsored the Red River Charitable Foundation 12th Annual Charity Golf Classic last month. This tournament is the main fundraiser for the Red River Charitable Foundation that promotes STEM students and veterans transitioning into civilian life. The nonprofit organization provides scholarships, internships, mentoring, and donations of IT equipment, as well [...]

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How NetApp’s NAS Open Collaboration Benefits Its Clients

NetApp’s NAS works effectively with a variety of vendors, operating systems, and protocols to create more flexible data storage solutions for its clients. Modern organizations need vendor and support flexibility across their operating systems if they want to maintain control of their environments while still increasing efficiency and promoting growth. And enterprise storage solutions are [...]

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Cisco ISE Secures Your Network and Streamlines BYOD Onboarding

In this post: Learn how ADAPTURE partner Cisco secures your network and streamlines onboarding with Cisco ISE. Your enterprise Wi-Fi networks—and consequently your IT team—are under increasing pressure to perform. This demand is a natural consequence of our hyper-connected world and end user-expectation. Between the unrelenting momentum of mobile tech, smart devices, and the sheer mass [...]

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IT Project Management: The Key to Reaching Your Goals

As an IT Manager, with the in-house intricacies of planning for and facilitating new hardware rollouts, security programs, maintenance overhauls, cloud initiatives, and more, you often find yourself stepping into an IT Project Management role. Naturally, a percentage of these projects require the aid of external vendors, and, as a result, you do double duty [...]

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Cisco Viptela Acquisition Makes New Cisco SD-WAN Shine

Cloud has changed the way you do business, and organizations needed a WAN solution to keep up.  Here’s how the Cisco Viptela acquisition changes the face of complex enterprise network connections. The Challenge With more end users, more applications, and more devices challenging your datacenter infrastructure, your old networks are struggling to keep up (and [...]

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Cloud WAF vs On Premise Traditional Firewall

In this post: Learn the advantages and disadvantages between two common firewall solutions: cloud WAF vs on premise traditional firewall.  The threat landscape is constantly changing—that’s nothing new. And as an IT leader, your title is often synonymous with “decision maker.” In order to stay ahead of the next data breach or DDoS attack, you [...]

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SaaS Subscription Sprawl

Many companies don’t have a formal process or policy for technology subscription consumption. As a result, these approval inconsistencies and misunderstandings surrounding authorization and governance create an uncontrolled growth known as subscription sprawl. Often, this can result from a lack of oversight due to “shadow IT.” In fact, Gartner said as far back as 2012 [...]

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ADAPTURE Recognized as Fast Growth 40 Company for Third Consecutive Year

 June 19th, 2018 - The Atlanta Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth® (ACG) named ADAPTURE as one of its Fast Growth 40 honorees for the third consecutive year at an awards dinner and gala Thursday, June 14, which was held at Flourish in Buckhead. ADAPTURE was ranked 18th in the small to midsize category. [...]

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