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A Gory Mess – Security Breaches of 2014… So Far

Heartbleed. Shellshock. Backoff. These aren’t titles to the latest Halloween thriller, but for those who know, they’re scary enough to be. 2014 has been a terrifying year for security. With attacks on Retail, eCommerce, Healthcare, Finance and even non-profits, no one is safe, and it feels like we are falling into our own digital version [...]

Homeland Fact vs. Fiction: Barnaby Jack and the Death of Vice President Walden

The third season of Homeland premiered Sunday night [no season three spoilers], and fans across the country tuned in to find out what became of Saul, Carrie, and Brody after the season two finale. For those less familiar with the Emmy-winning Showtime thriller, the premise of Homeland centers on the hot-button topic of U.S. homeland [...]