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FireEye iSight: A Deep Dive into Proactive Cybersecurity

With today’s breach rates, it is no longer enough to build up your external defenses and hide within them—you must reposition your security strategy to be more proactive. You need to implement technologies like FireEye iSight that not only defend, but also seek out intel from deep within the threat landscape itself. Info-Sec Needs a [...]

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FireEye MDR Threat Detection: The Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

In today’s threat landscape, a traditional, prevention-only approach to cybersecurity leaves an organization vulnerable to advanced attacks. That’s why advanced threat detection and incident response have become top priorities for businesses that want to improve security defenses. As such, many companies are looking to reposition with solutions with FireEye MDR threat detection, wanting to switch [...]

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Seamlessly Integrate FireEye and F5 for Proactive Security

In this post: Learn how FireEye and F5 can be proactive security measures for your organization.  Layering your physical and virtual security technologies is a critical science. With today’s threat landscapes, you should be seeing an increasing need for multi-faceted security measures. But, even if you purchase the best defenses money can buy, you are [...]

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Security Threats Change Constantly. How Will You Adapt?

No matter how hard you work to prevent cybersecurity attacks at your organization, intrusions are inevitable. That’s why you need an endpoint security solution that can detect and respond to security threats, even those that your typical anti-virus product might miss. That’s exactly what FireEye’s Endpoint Security solution provides – exceptional protection against known malware [...]

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Ramping Up University Cybersecurity

Are Colleges and Universities Vulnerable to Cyberattacks? Colleges and universities are increasingly being targeted by cyber-attackers, including state-sponsored advanced persistent threat groups, who view these institutions as treasure troves of valuable information. Protecting the valuable data held at these schools will take a multi-tiered approach centered on incident response and proactive security. Schools are already [...]

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FireEye and F5 Partnership Takes Aim at Evolving Cyberthreats

In this post: Read about the newly formed FireEye and F5 partnership and its impact on defense against evolving cyberthreats.  Cybersecurity firm FireEye and application delivery provider F5 recently announced a partnership aimed at defending against evolving cyberthreats targeting companies around the world. Enterprises today are faced with the challenges of supporting cloud-based applications and [...]

Gigamon, FireEye Deliver Real-Time Threat Protection

Last month, Gigamon, a network visibility, analytics and security firm, announced that its GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform fully supports and interoperates with network security vendor FireEye’s advanced persistent threat solutions to deliver real-time threat protection. The resulting cybersecurity dream team ensures that FireEye solutions receive the necessary traffic that they need when responding to advanced [...]

The Need for Email Security in Curbing Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) Attacks

Importance of Email Security Email security is important now more than ever as organizations face an ever-increasing number of threats from email-based spam, viruses and advanced attacks. The issue recently saw renewed attention following reports that U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used a private email account and server to conduct official business while she was [...]

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ADAPTURE Partner FireEye Featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes

FireEye leader Kevin Mandia speaks about FireEye’s involvement in the Sony cyber-attack response [Video link at bottom of post.] Those of us working in technology have always understood the dangerous consequences of poor security around your network and infrastructure—where sensitive data typically resides. But with companies being hacked seemingly every day now, cybersecurity is now [...]

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