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What Dell’s Annual Threat Report Says About the State of Cybersecurity

What is Dell's Annual Threat Report? Dell recently released its Annual Threat Report, which collected data throughout 2015 using the company’s SonicWALL Global Response Intelligence Defense network. The network provides daily feeds from more than one million firewalls and tens of millions of connected endpoints, Dell SonicWALL traffic and other industry sources. The results paint [...]

May 18th, 2016|Categories: Cloud Security, Cybersecurity, Security|

ADAPTURE Senior Security Consultant Named to Local Cloud Security Alliance Board

Elliott Abraham brings more than 15 years of high-level security expertise to Atlanta chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance Board.  ATLANTA, Mar. 11, 2016—Elliott Abraham, Senior Security Consultant at ADAPTURE, has been named to the board of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), Atlanta chapter. Abraham was selected along with four other designees from a group [...]

March 11th, 2016|Categories: Cloud Security, News & Press|

Renting the Castle: F5 Cloud Security

Software is taking over the world. Have you heard that one before? The rise of public clouds like AWS and vCloud Air moves your data from your protected data center and into someone else’s domain. It’s one thing to protect your infrastructure if you own it, but what if you don’t? Cloud security requires a [...]

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Cloud Security in 7 Steps

We’ve talked about how the security breaches in 2014 can make IT security feel like a Hollywood slasher. Sticking together will help, but what about some practical tips for staying safe out there? Here's cloud security in 7 steps. 1. Protect more than the perimeter. Think about the number of people who have access to [...]

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