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BIG-IP SSL Acceleration Module

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F5 BIG-IP SSL Acceleration Module migrates SSL decryption from servers onto a high-performance device that is designed to handle SSL transactions and load balancing efficiently. With F5 BIG-IP SSL Acceleration Module, companies can now transfer all of their communications to SSL. It combines SSL certificates onto BIG-IP directly and centralizes management. It concentrates certificate management to one solitary source. The BIG-IP SSL Accelerator Add-On seeks to reduce the need to purchase and install SSL-capable software on every server.

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Available as standalone appliance: No
Compatibility F5 - BIG-IP 1500
F5 - BIG-IP 3400
F5 - BIG-IP 6400
F5 - BIG-IP 6800
F5 - BIG-IP 8400
F5 - BIG-IP 8800

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